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A new standard in sharing

We want to take the sharing economy to the next level by giving our users the opportunity to earn money while using our apps.

As an activator, you will be able to earn money from each restaurant you activate. You will get a percentage of the value of all orders processed by any restaurants you have activated. This means that when anybody orders anything from any restaurant you have activated, you will earn money.

The trick is to be fast and be the first in closing the activation of any single restaurant. Any one restaurant can only be activated once - it is your job to be the first!

You can also have fun while earning money. We have designed the whole experience to be as fun as possible. You can earn fun achievements while working towards getting the restaurants activated. The achievements will naturally extend to the use of the mobile app - and ordering food.

Note that the service is launched across the whole Europe, so remember to activate any restaurants when visiting abroad. Lets forget about the borders this time.

On average, you can receive up to


% of our revenue


% of the total order value


€ per month per restaurant



Register into our Activator App, provide your details and start browsing any restaurants waiting to be activated near you. Remember that you can also help activate restaurants in any country - for example during your vacation!



Once you have identified a suitable restaurant for activation, contact them and convince them to start using our service. Providing assistance to them will increase your chance to finish the activation.



Once the activation is complete and our mobile app is out, you will start receiving money from all orders placed thru our app for any restaurant you helped activate. The earnings will be collected onto your Food to Home account, from where you will be able to make payouts to your bank account.

Join us!

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