Our Concept

Our mission is to simply make food ordering better and more fun, for Everyone. Globally.

Our service enables our users; consumers and merchants to connect in a new way. Our users are able to help their favorite restaurant out, while having fun and earning some extra.

Our service consists of three applications, each with its own purpose.

Which application could be your favorite?

Activator App

The Activator App is available for anyone who wants to start activating places. You will be able to see all merchants near you that you can help activate. You will be able to earn money for each place that you have helped activate successfully.

Merchant App

The Merchant App is available for all activated merchants. The app will help you in managing your contact details, menus and most importantly your orders. You can also use the app to send out offers to reach new customers.

Ordering App

The Ordering App will be released in a few weeks time, once enough merchants have been activated. You can help speed up the availability by activating your favorite merchant. The ordering app will enable you to easily order food, wherever you are.

The Ordering App will be released once you have activated enough places!

The ordering app will be available as a web app, once enough places have been activated.
The web app is compatible with a variety of devices, including Apple iOS, Google Android, multiple browsers, etc.

By delaying the release of the ordering app, we give our merchants time to prepare their menus and other details.


Activating merchants, what is this?

You can help the merchant join our service.

You will earn a percentage of all orders

Upon successfully activating a merchant, you will earn a percentage from the value of every order that is processed thru our service, by the particular merchant.

The activation is done together with the merchant

The best way to activate a merchant is to learn about the benefits of our service and being able to pitch it to the people responsible at the merchant location.

You can activate as many merchants as you want

There is no limitation on how many merchants you can personally activate. It is only up to you and your effort.

Promote the merchant and our app to your friends

Once you have activated some merchants onto our service, you can focus on getting as many people as possible to use our app and order from your merchants.

What are the benefits for merchants?

The merchant can join our service with minimal risk - no entrance or deposit fee required.


The merchant will be able to advertise thru our service using offers. The offers include discounts, deals and specials. Also geospatial targeting can be used.

Global customers

Our service is truly global, the same application can be used in any country. The merchant will be able to reach international customers in completely new ways.

Easy reporting

The merchant will be have access to extensive reports and details about all transactions and orders, while saving nature as no physical receipt is required.

No fee for joining

Our service has no entrance or deposit fee for joining.

Low commission

Our commission is 6,95% - one of the lowest in the industry.

Methods of payment

Start accepting a wide variety of global payment methods.

Delivery methods

We support delivery by restaurant, takeaway and dine-in.

No minimum order

There is no minimum value for an order (handling fee 0,3€ per order).

Use your own device

You can run the app on your own device or rent a one from us (available later).

You can start activating places right now, its easy! 

Activate your favorite places before someone beats you to it!

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How to use our apps

You can find tutorials and support on how to use our apps in our help center.

Our help center

Our help center can provide you with answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Activator Tutorial 1

The tutorial will show you step-by-step instructions on how to use the activator app, starting from account creation.

Activator Tutorial 2

The second part of the activator tutorial will show you how to use the activator app.

Activator Tutorial 3

The third part of the activator tutorial will show you how to activate a restaurant or add one to the map.

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